Father’s Day: Grief and the Calendar

The rhythm of our year often follows dates on the calendar – a new week, a new month, the change of seasons, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations. Some days like today, Father’s Day, marked with a symbol or words meant to celebrate the people we love. Grief seems to have a rhythm and flow all its […]

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Common Questions, Answered.

Helping Parents Talk to Kids about Death and Dying How much information is too much information for a child?  No one expects you to have a PhD in child development in order to be a parent or a teacher, but sometimes it sure feels like we need one in order to know how to best […]

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For so many of us, talking about death is nearly impossible. It doesn’t matter that loss is a universal experience, and comes to each of us regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status. Death is scary and hard to fully comprehend …which is why it’s especially hard to discuss with children. We hope that we […]

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